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10) What one sentence best describes your idea? (max 150 characters)


Our idea is designed to enable future generations to reduce and remediate harmful impact to the Earth’s natural, social and geopolitical environments

11) Describe your idea in more depth. (max 300 words)


Our vision for the LetsFixEarth project is to provide concerned citizens of the global community an opportunity to work in unrestricted collaboration to positively affect the world’s environments. As a limitless repository of information, resources and educational material, as well as an open forum for the free exchange of fresh and exciting ideas, we believe we can empower people to help improve quality of life and actively participate in the betterment and sustainability of our planet. With the world’s governments and corporations displaying apathy and apparent disdain toward providing leadership and solutions to serious global problems, it is increasingly evident that we the people, individually and collectively, must rise to this responsibility. A primary focus of this project will be childhood education. Through a secure website, KidsFixEarth.com, ideas and suggestions from children will be elicited, evaluated and implemented where appropriate, practical and efficient. As the children will be the future guardians and caretakers of the planet and leaders of society, LetsFixEarth believes the participation and involvement of children is essential in the development of a culture which will embrace the necessary change and adaptation required for sustainable environments. The primary medium of the project will be internet based (LetsFixEarth.com and KidsFixEarth.com) in order to fully utilize available and emerging technologies and to maximize global participation. We feel the capability and complexity of these websites should be unparalleled in scope. They should include video posting capability for users relative to active projects and or problems and monitoring, forums, technical information and contact repositories, best practices and importantly, databases capable of running real time queries to hypothetical and potential changes in mankind’s activities on the planet and returning reasonably accurate results. An awareness campaign using conventional media in conjunction with public and private education systems may also be used.

12) What problem or issue does your idea address? (max 150 words)


The problems and issues the LetsFixEarth idea will address are sure to be greatly varied, multifaceted and of growing significance. Initially the idea will promote a social networking community striving for solutions to self determined global problems and issues. The idea will address energy and environmental issues from a practical and educational position. Ideally the project will promote alternate energy endeavors such as wind, solar and tidal power, as well as geothermal technology and alternatives such as micro hydro generation and practical small scale desalination solutions. Our objective is to provide concerned people the opportunity to access and utilize information on existing and emerging eco-friendly and responsible technologies. We strongly believe each submission category exists in a remarkable symbiotic relationship with each and all others. An example of this is that through practical, affordable shelter we can provide communities with healthier living conditions; education – opportunity; energy – sustainable environments.

13) If your idea were to become a reality, who would benefit the most and how? (max 150 words)


If LetsFixEarth becomes a truly successful reality, we believe the greatest benefactors will be the future generations of humanity. The benefits will be a more conscientious, aware and informed society utilizing responsible technologies existing in harmony with a sustainable planet Earth.

14) What are the initial steps required to get this idea off the ground? (max 150 words)


The initial steps to get this idea off the ground are fairly straightforward. The domains have already been registered. Initially a team of web designers, database administrators, researchers and marketing specialists would be assembled and convene to organize and implement a startup plan. The idea will have to be suitably branded for global implementation with websites translatable to all possible languages. A marketing and awareness campaign could then be implemented on a global basis. Contacts and discussions should take place between suitable organizations, charities and NGO’s to initiate some immediate startup projects which will produce tangible results.

15) Describe the optimal outcome should your idea be selected and successfully  implemented. (max 150 words)


We believe the optimal outcome of the LetsFixEarth idea would be that it will become an integral component of global education systems and curricula. In so doing we would hope to promote a cultural transformation enabling people, youth in particular, to feel more concerned, involved and empowered to participate actively in shaping a brighter future for all.

18) If you’d like to recommend a specific organization, or the ideal type of organization for your idea. (max 50 words)


From the inception of LFE it has been felt that the not for profit idea’s greatest chance of success would be to work in partnership with the resources and technical expertise of Google.





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  1. Nice work Johnny! Now after reading it… you’re going to do what? Oh yeah! save the earth! Let me know if you want to borrow my cape!

  2. innovative! many canadians are striving to limit their “carbon imprint” on this earth some driven by awareness, some by economic pressures. we do it in little ways, walking, instead of driving, carpooling, purchasing reuseable grocery bags, supporting local farmers’ markets.

    however…………there are indicators that even more major steps are being taken by canadians, ie: dramatic decrease in suv sales and consumers increased interest in “environmentally friendly” and “fuel efficient” vehicles available in europe and not in north america. our society, at present is built around the automobile: residing in one area, employed in another, shopping in another, result? the commute!

    canada’s once vital national railway system infrastructure has been neglected, reduced to tourist attraction. it is time for pressure to be applied to local, provincial and federal governments by us, one by one, ten by ten, one hundred by one hundred, (we know the drill) to retrieve the benefits of a national railway. it will be costly in the short term, but long term returns will be huge! jobs created, supplies and equipment manufactured, communities linked. the skills, experience and talent required are already here in canada.

    JBlack, keep that cape in good repair, we may need it for a week or two.

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